Consolidated Solutions is certified to print the EcoSmart Green Ink logo on any project we produce. Our programs have helped us to establish an integrated strategy towards sustainability to reduce the  environmental impact.

We believe that sustainability isn't an autonomous program or initiative, but rather an essential business practive.

To Lead By Example, We Employ Many Sustainable Best Practices In Our Daily Operations


We switched from oil-based printing inks to vegetable oil-based inks which contains either no or very low amounts of volatile organic compounds


At Consolidated Solutions recycling is a major part of our business, we are continuously looking for new ways to recycle our products as well as use recycled items throughout our process and facility. Consolidated recycles and reuses pallets and skids supplied by our paper vendors. Once production is complete, we recycle all of our aluminum printing plates. To ensure we follow all the recycled protocols we work extremely closely with a certified waste control management company to recycle all of our inks. The paper scrap that is accumulated in our bindery department is captured, bundled and shipped to a recycling mil. 

FSC® Certified Papers

We are Forest Stewardship Council® certified and promote the use of FSC® certified papers. FSC® is an organization devoted to the responsible management of the world’s forests. We follow the FSC’s chain of command and complete a yearly FSC audit.

Continuing Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic we are always looking to improve upon. As a company, we are continuing to work with lighter, compostable air bubble filler for packaging instead of using heavier styrofoam peanuts which has immensely helped our footprint. We also reuse paperboard containers and plastic pails from our aqueous coating as waste containers.

  • Replaced all lighting throughout the facility and offices with LED lighting
  • Continue to improve our air filtration systems throughout our production facilities and equipment to filter out particles and dust
  • Continue to invest in new equipment as well as technology to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Enhance our current HVAC system to a high efficiency system

At Consolidated Solutions, we take our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment very seriously. We believe that sustainability isn’t an autonomous program or initiative, but rather an essential business practice. Being good stewards of the planet is our responsibility, and it is our policy to minimize our impact on the environment whenever possible.

Sustainability FAQ

Consolidated Solutions uses Eco Friendly inks that contain soy and vegetable oils that contain 5 or less VOC’s.


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