Industries We Serve

Consolidated Solutions has the opportunity to serve multiple different industries due to the wide range of capabilities, departments and services that we offer.

Consolidated offers endless opportunities that allows us to create exactly what you are looking for in your project scope.


ConsolMX Healthcare utilizes innovative technology to provide a fully integrated and highly secure healthcare solution designed to drive business results such as, ID cards, EOV, welcome packets, letters, invoices, remittance advice documents, ANOCs, as well as other standard documents. ConsolMX provides a robust set of modules to help provide exactly what our clients are requesting.


Consolidated provides one-of-a-kind cloud based technology solution that will fit your specific needs. Consolmx™, a proprietary marketing support solution is built utilizing state-of-the-art technology that bring all of your marketing collateral together in one site. 

Banks – Financing – Mortgage – Insurance Industries

Consolidated works extremely close with multiple financial industries to provide print on demand collateral, ID cards and much more.


Consolidated has had the opportunity to work with numerous school districts to provide printed collateral, window and wall signage as well as website creations. We assist in promoting different schools regarding fundraiser’s to help support the school and special causes.


We provide wall and window coverings to multiple government offices to customize the office space. Consolidated is a secure facility and has the capabilities to produce and print government documents.

Venues and Events

Continuously working with project managers to provide help on marketing and printing needs to numerous venues to prepare for different events. At Consolidated, we have multiple departments that will work together in order to exceed our clients expectations. Our opportunities are endless when it comes to custom printing, marketing and advertising.

Retail Industries

Due to our wide variety of printing capabilities, we are able to accommodate all of our retail clients. A few of our offerings include, signage, thank you cards, storefront websites, wall and window covering and many more to help bring our clients vision to their retail displays.

Automotive Industries

Printing marketing collateral materials is not all we can do in the automotive industry! We are able to design, create and produce an immense variety of different marketing tools, including but not limited to…. Full size displays to be presented in store or auto shops, vehicle wraps, promotional materials, storefront websites and more.

Industries FAQ

The industries we serve are endless, to name a few… Medical, Banks, Mortgage, Retail, Government, Education, Entertainment, Technology and much more.

Our client engagements often come with non-disclosure agreements so we can’t share every client we work with.

Let’s have a conversation!

We don’t want to waste your time any more than we want to waste ours. But, if you’re curious about how Consolidated Solutions might be able to help you, we believe just talking it out would be time well spent.

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