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Consolidated Solutions consistently provides the highest quality of services. As a result, we strive to produce superior results that positively impact our clients’ business objectives. Offering a wide-range of print, promotional and technology services designed to maximize the impact and efficiency of your marketing strategies. Our team provides personalized services as well as delivers unsurpassed results, ensuring that we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Simply put, we work with our clients to help them assess their needs and establish creative and unique solutions that contribute to the growth and success of their business. Our versatile solutions fit projects of all scopes and sizes, providing superior results and achieving the maximum ROI for our clients.

Our prepress department provides comprehensive support for design and layout application as well as color management. To ensure we deliver consistent color and print accuracy on your job, we have been G7 Master Certified. Our team has gone through extensive training to provide the highest quality product that you are expecting and deserve. With our G7 proofs and printing products we are able to ensure each job has consistent color every time we produce your product to keep your branding consistent.

Direct mail marketing is a popular and effective tool for multi-channel marketing campaigns, thanks to its highly targeted format and capacity to interact with other channels. We prepare a number of compliance mailings so we are uniquely positioned to offer secure, monitored mailing services to customers with special requirements. In addition, we stay current on mailing costs and regulatory changes through our participation in national postage organizations such as, Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee. We build relationships with key postal management personnel as well as industry associations. These efforts help us advise our clients of the best mailing rates and keep them in constant compliance with mailing standards.

Through a human-centric design methodology, our designers deliver creative solutions that will resonate with your target audience while advancing your business objectives.  The more we understand you and your business, the more we understand your vision and we can deliver the highest quality product to put into market and drive your sales.

Our fulfillment and distribution services give you the ability to produce impactful customer experiences while reducing waste and minimizing shipping costs. Combining off the shelf materials with print-on-demand pieces you’ll be able to quickly respond to the ever changing market needs. Our pick and pack services operate a turnkey order management and fulfillment system for sales and literature, samples and high-dollar items.

Our promotional and apparel department are skilled at sourcing an extensive selection of unique and customizable products. We have a team of creative experts that will collaborate with you to develop the best marketing solution to enhance your branding strategies. Whether you’re purchasing promotional products for a tradeshow, event, gift or custom branded apparel, our team will be there throughout the entire process. With our in-house promotional department we have the capability to source, order, embroider and deliver your promotional material all within our facility.

Our large format printing specialists envision and produce remarkable temporary retail displays. The displays include but not limited to, banners, end cap display’s, in-store signage, wall graphics, window graphics, and floor graphics. We understand clients’ focus on speed-to-market and can support and promote your brand through visual merchandising roll-outs. The roll-outs could include, custom packaging as well as trade show displays. Consolidated designs custom, impactful pieces for corporate and public spaces. We leverage technology to enhance all these solutions including digital media displays. Our expert services include ideation, prototyping, fabrication, installation and fit-outs.

Our software development team provides a cloud based technology solutions that fit your specific needs. CONSOLxt is our highly customizable marketing automation solution that is built utilizing state of the art technology.  This solution brings together all of your critical data and information in one location. Therefore you can access it in real time to seamlessly develop and execute highly targeted one-to-one marketing campaigns. Whether you need a turn-key marketing automation management solution, or an industry specific solution, our development team at Consolidated Solutions will work with your team to design a solution that delivers exactly what you have in mind.

We have unlimited resources available to be able to provide multiple service options to unleash your branded marketing. All of our departments are well versed in the company which makes working with us extremely easy. At Consolidated Solutions we ensure to keep brand consistency, outstanding quality and always exceed our clients expectations. Above are just a few of our services that we offer – we will go above and beyond to bring your vision to reality.

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