A Letter From our CEO

Founded in 1996, Consolidated Solutions continues to pivot to meet the demands of the market and its clients. We have undergone a remarkable evolution in the past three years as we’ve pursued our vision to become a full-service marketing communications company. From concept to deliverables and everything in between, we can offer solutions to our clients that improve their sales and maintain their brand quality. Our continuous investments in technology have allowed us to broaden the industries we serve. Clients in healthcare, retail, and creative services utilize our secure software platforms software platforms and production capabilities to execute their objectives.

Over the past 20+ years at Consolidated, I have witnessed the relentless dedication of our Team to meet client deadlines. Their efforts during and post-pandemic have given me a richer understanding of—and deeper commitment to—the continuous investment in our Team Members. In 2021, we became an ESOP company and each employee has an important role to play in their future shareholder benefits. A core value of Consolidated has always been mutual dignity and respect for each other, and this is vital to our continued growth and shareholder value.

We are increasingly adapting our strategies, our operations, and our culture to drive efficiencies and develop a skilled workforce for the future. Our Team Members meet every challenge and each opportunity with a positive attitude focused on our client’s success. We are fortunate to have experienced Managers and a skilled workforce who bring decades of knowledge to each project.  I believe we have assembled the necessary resources for 2024 and we will continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

With gratitude,
Matt Reville

Matt Reville

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